Saturday, 11 June 2011

Got Junk?

Finally, some absolutely beautiful weather! What do we do when we have a lovely day? Well, yesterday afternoon was spent cleaning out and organizing our shed. Not my favorite job, but I'm glad it's done. I pulled out a couple of shelves that spanned the whole length of the shed so that there was a bit more open space. We brought out a little table and some chairs and now the kids call it their club house. It's nothing fancy, but they are loving it.
We also went and checked out a couple of garage sales, looking for some fun toys for their club house. C and A were both really excited for this one.
 It's a little vintage Fisher Price stove that came with some pots and pans and the original salt and pepper shakers. Who wants hours of happy children for $0.50? I do, I do! They've been cooking soup since yesterday, using water from the rain barrel. Here's hoping they aren't eating the soup too. We had to have a little chat about asking mommy for a drink when they are thirsty, not just drinking from the rain barrel!
Another great find was this light fixture! When I offered the garage sale lady $0.50 for it, she was surprised. She actually said something about thinking it was too ugly to have sold. Hahaha! I was really excited about this one. You'll find out why later this week....


  1. Ooooooo!! I think I know what the light fixture is for!!!

  2. Shhh! Keep it on the down low!

  3. Still waiting to see what you are possibly going to do with that light fixture! Hope you are doing good and had a great weekend with family. Talk soon!
    Love u.