Monday, 11 August 2014

Tea Time

Miss C's 6th birthday was this past week & on Saturday, we had the cutest tea party to celebrate. Months ago, she started asking about her birthday. She was waffling between wanting a Frozen birthday theme and a tea party, so I steered her towards the tea party and it was so sweet. I started collecting old cups and saucers at garage sales & Kijiji. Garage sales had much better prices than the thrift stores. My wonderful sister-in-law helped me by scouring Value Village for tea pots. We found some old lacy curtains at the thrift store for $2/panel. Collecting everything was so fun. The kids were all pretty helpful at the garage sales, searching the tables for gold rimmed cups & saucers.

I finally tried out my Silhouette on the invitations.

 We made a bunch of cute treats. Those marshmallows are so super easy.

The sugar cookies were fun (and kept me up 'till 2am...) !

The girls all looked adorable in gloves, hats & pearls.
Awe, so sweet!

Miss C was excited about her sparkler.

I'll huff and I'll puff! She's so pretty.

Time to open gifts!
Our sweet Miss C is such a joy. She still has the sweetest little voice and such a charming personality. She has a tender heart, and is always looking out for others. She is so bubbly and peppy, always has a half smile on her face. We are so happy to have this cutie in our home. She brings a fun and playfulness to everything she does. We love you, Miss Muffin!