Tuesday, 26 June 2012

One year down, Fifteen to go

 I was trying to figure out why I have hardly any pictures of Miss C and I realized why... I've been deleting all the strange face pictures, and that's all she does. In honour of her, I decided to post a bunch of her typical pictures, which I went back and restored from my recycle bin. Haha! She definitely loves to laugh and goof around, and she is not one to be still & pose nicely for pictures.
Matt has been working really long hours the last few months, but whenever he gets home while the kids are still up, they have been sneaking out the front door to go sit with daddy while he finishes up his paperwork in the truck. I snapped a pic of Mr. Q sitting with daddy one day last week. I love that they look forward to him getting home everyday. I do too.

Last Thursday was Miss A's graduation from Maternelle (kindergarten). It was adorable! This past month, they have been learning about the ocean.One of the songs they sang at the graduation party was about a pettit poisson (a little fish) swimming around who gets eaten by a barracuda, who swims around and is then eaten by a shark, who is then eaten by a whale. Their actions for the song were really cute, as were the fishy hats the kids were all wearing. The kids all took turns counting in French. After the little ceremony, they brought us each a package with the work the scrapbooks & work they have completed this year. Then, we had planned on going on a picnic together, but since Matt had to get back to work (or risk being at work till dark...) we just ate our picnic together in the car while driving Matt back to work. Miss A showed off her school work & sang songs she's learned. It was a fun day. We are so proud of our big girl! She has done such a great job learning this past year and we couldn't be happier with her progress! Her French is really coming along and she has been spelling out short words on her own. Great job, sweetie!!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Belated Father's Day

Last week, I sat down with the girls individually and asked them some questions about their daddy. Next year Mr. Q will be old enough to answer them too.  I saw the idea on Pinterest and thought it would be a great Father's Day surprise for Matt. Here are their answers:
I love how the girls both said he likes wearing a suit. Do they have another father I don't know about?? Hahaha!

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful husband who is a great father to our children. There is no doubt he loves and is devoted to our family. Love you, Matt!

I am also thankful for my own father who has always been a great example of love and kindness. He has always been there when I needed him and I love him. I really feel blessed to have such a wonderful family.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Garden, Week 1+2

 We planted the garden on Victoria Day this year, May 21, 2012. That's usually the day we aim to plant by and this year we actually got it in. Ta-da!
I took the above pic out the kitchen window on May 27th.
Here's the view on June 4th. Pretty much everything is up, but too tiny to actually see in the picture.
I love watching my yard transform. So exciting!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

St. Albert International Children's Festival

Thursday of this week, I got to help out with Miss A's kindergarten class field trip to the St. Albert International Children's Festival. My sister was nice enough to keep Mr. Q and Miss C for the day, so Miss A and I got to spend some quality time together, along with 16 other kids from her class.

They made these cute t-shirts to make it easier to keep track of all the kids. Each of the kids drew a self portrait and then someone must have Photoshopped them together. The back said, "En maternelle j'ai aimé.... (In kindergarten, I liked...) and each child wrote what they liked best. Miss A's shirt said, "Les chansons" (the songs). The shirts were cute, but they should have been neon green!  My favorite was one little boys that said he liked recess the best.
 I met the kindergarten class at their first activity at 9:30am at the booth for the St. Albert Art Gallery. It was called TransFORMation & it was really fun. They divided her class into three groups and they had 3 tables set up, which the groups rotated through.

The first was a table where the kids made these sculptures out of recycled bottles, toilet paper tubes, wire, packing bubbles, paper cups, etc. It was amazing what creative minds the kids had! The second table they were able to paper maché the sculptures that previous classes had made. The third table was set up to paint paper maché-ed sculptures from the day before that had already dried. It was a great project that the kids all seemed to really like.

The next activity was a trip to the Dinosaur Petting Zoo. It was a little scary for some of the kindergarten kids, but Miss A was okay. I think if she had been in the front row, it might have been a different story! The pic above right shows Miss A with her kindergarten teacher, Mme. Christiane.
It was a great (and tiring) day! They got to jump in bouncy castles, had a picnic lunch, Miss A got to sit in a firetruck & she had her face painted. Finally, at the end of the day we got some cotton candy and headed home.
 We had so much fun that I didn't want my other munchkins to miss out. The next day, when Miss A was at school, back I went with Miss C and Mr. Q in tow! My sister and her boys came along too. We hadn't bought tickets for the same activities that the kindergarten class had, so we just did some exploring on our own.

Mr. Q enjoyed sitting in the army jeep, though he didn't want to wear the headphones. Maybe when he's big enough to see over the dash! The combat engineers from the army base built a foot bridge across the Sturgeon River, I guess it might have been a training exercise, but it made it much more convenient to get to our car!

They also did some face painting while they were there. Miss C wasn't too interested in camo paint, so we headed over to the 'girl face paint' tent so she could get a flower, a ladybug and a butterfly. I'd have to say the line was much shorter for the camo.
We found a tent my the Education Station that had a great big sand table filled with plastic beads. The kids loved it. I won't even entertain the thought of getting one, though I know they would enjoy it. What a crazy mess! They also had this moon dough and these Magformers that the boys really liked.

One of the other things the kids were able to do was to paint with MONK. She starts a painting and then people add to her paintings, stroke by stroke. There was a painting she was working on that was really stunning. The kids, especially Mr. Q really enjoyed it. I had to physically pick him up and drag him away.

The kids also got to jump in the bouncy castle and went to a music making tent where they got to play with all sorts of different instruments and explore the sounds they made. It was quite a noisy venue, but fun. I'm just glad I didn't have to sit there all day! Before we left the kids got to have their first snow cones ever. They were very appealing to them, but when I tasted a bit, I realized that Slurpee's are much better.

When we got home, I was exhausted! Two days straight was probably too much for me. I'll probably take them again next year, but maybe spread it out a few days. I love summer!