Tuesday, 26 June 2012

One year down, Fifteen to go

 I was trying to figure out why I have hardly any pictures of Miss C and I realized why... I've been deleting all the strange face pictures, and that's all she does. In honour of her, I decided to post a bunch of her typical pictures, which I went back and restored from my recycle bin. Haha! She definitely loves to laugh and goof around, and she is not one to be still & pose nicely for pictures.
Matt has been working really long hours the last few months, but whenever he gets home while the kids are still up, they have been sneaking out the front door to go sit with daddy while he finishes up his paperwork in the truck. I snapped a pic of Mr. Q sitting with daddy one day last week. I love that they look forward to him getting home everyday. I do too.

Last Thursday was Miss A's graduation from Maternelle (kindergarten). It was adorable! This past month, they have been learning about the ocean.One of the songs they sang at the graduation party was about a pettit poisson (a little fish) swimming around who gets eaten by a barracuda, who swims around and is then eaten by a shark, who is then eaten by a whale. Their actions for the song were really cute, as were the fishy hats the kids were all wearing. The kids all took turns counting in French. After the little ceremony, they brought us each a package with the work the scrapbooks & work they have completed this year. Then, we had planned on going on a picnic together, but since Matt had to get back to work (or risk being at work till dark...) we just ate our picnic together in the car while driving Matt back to work. Miss A showed off her school work & sang songs she's learned. It was a fun day. We are so proud of our big girl! She has done such a great job learning this past year and we couldn't be happier with her progress! Her French is really coming along and she has been spelling out short words on her own. Great job, sweetie!!


  1. BIG SIGH!! I love all of my little Stone children!! I gotta come see them again really soon!
    BIG hugs and kisses!!

  2. so sweet! i might put teigan in french immersion for grade one.

  3. Kara, French Immersion is great! One year down and she can already ask simple questions, she knows her colors, alphabet, numbers up to twenty, simple addition, and she's starting to read in both English and French. She hasn't learned English at school at all, but she seems to be transferring her skills easily enough between both languages. I think it's an awesome opportunity, especially if you have a good teacher.

  4. Those pictures of Miss C are adorable! she is soo funny! Can't wait to see you this weekend!