Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Playing in the Rain

Last night was great! We had friends over for a yummy meal of lasagna, salad and garlic bread. We love spending time with old friends and got to know some new ones too. They stayed for our family night. We all have toddler/pre-school aged kids, so we had a little lesson about taste and smell. We brought out a few little cups with different items in them (vanilla, salt, cinnamon, sugar, OJ) and had them smell/taste and guess what was in the cups. It was fun for all 3 minutes their attention span allowed.
We had planned on getting ice-cream and taking the kids to the park afterward. Of course, it started pouring after supper, so we hummed and hawed a while before deciding to go ahead with it. The kids loved the ice cream, of course, even though it was only 12°C and raining.

We let them run wild at the park for all of 20 minutes. 

Q loves running free.

Check out how wet her pants were. There is a tiny spot of dry on them. Everything else is soaked. By the time we left we had to strip them down before we buckled them in the car. Brrr...
When we got home they all had a nice warm bath before bed, at 10pm. Yikes.

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