Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Home again, Home again, Jiggity jig

Dear Old Light Fixture,
As soon as I saw you, I knew I had to have you. I knew that underneath that hideous exterior, was something very special. You were alone, neglected and unloved, but your time has come! You will be stunning again....

Over two weeks has slipped by since I last blogged and promised to show you what my plans were for my fabulous friend, shown above. Let me just say, it has been crazy busy, but the transformation is complete!

This light fixture was all held together with a rod through the centre and a bolt on either end. I just removed the chain and took off the bolts to slide the spindle piece from the light fixture.

 I bought a can of black satin spray paint, and then one night at about 10pm, I started spray painting all of these yard sale finds. I'm not sure why I start these projects at such a crazy hour, but it seems like that's when I get things done. My neighbors probably think I'm a nut, out on my front step until 11:30...

I found this little number at a thrift store. Isn't she a beaut!
I bought this tiny bottle of Gorilla Glue. It says you're supposed to clamp everything together, but I couldn't figure out how to clamp it, so I just stacked a bunch of heavy stuff on top. A little bit of glue still managed to escape between the pieces, but it's not really in a noticeable spot, so I just left it. The base used to be a wire fruit bowl with a wood bottom. Of course, I forgot to take a picture of it before I put it together.
Ready to see the finished product??

Ta-da!!! Isn't it lovely! I made a three of these babies on which to serve dessert for a friends bridal shower. Wanna see them in action?? Notice the three small bowls at the centre of the table. Those were painted black too. We weren't sure how food safe the spray paint was so we broke out the doilies to save ourselves from poisoning. As if the food wasn't unhealthy enough!

Mmmm! Just take a look at all that scrumptious unhealthy stuff. The backdrop is made by wrapping a piece of funky fabric around a piece of plywood and stuffed into a borrowed frame. I didn't want to wreck the frame, so it's precariously positioned and held in place with painters tape. As a side note, painters tape doesn't stick very well to fabric. Not very well at all...       

Here's some of the cookies. Two of my good friends and I got together to decorate these. My favorite is the leopard print. Yowza! This was a really fun project. Congratulations Christy and Dave!!

Anyone have any ideas for the other spindle pieces on the light fixture?


  1. Looks great!!
    Love the yellow and black!
    So glad you are home again!

  2. There are 5 other spindles, you could attach them somehow into a star shape to make a Christmas decoration. :D

    Love the cake stands. Are they still in your home, or did you give them away?


  3. Thanks Leah! I'm happy to be home too.
    Pamela, I've still got the cake stands. I think I'll get a lot of use out of them. :)

  4. Well, well... I saw this and thought - is she just going to paint the light fixture black... cause that's sorta lame. But cake stand=not lame. All you need to do now is get a properly shaped glass bowl for a lid.

  5. Beautiful!! I have to do a shower in August. Please tell me what you served. Do you have your cake plate creations under lock and key or are they available for rent? They are beautiful. I have a harder color to work with… lime green. Yikes! Anyways, loved it! Glad your home. Talk soon.

  6. I don’t know where my other post went… Maybe skipping ropes for the girls, magic wands or gymnastic/dance ribbons? Garden Markers?

  7. We served
    - brownies and almond bars both made in mini muffin cups
    -chocolate wafer bars, drizzled with yellow chocolate
    -marshmallows on sticks, dipped in yellow chocolate
    -regular and golden oreos
    -black licorice
    -nanaimo bars
    -sugar cookies
    -super sour candies
    -yellow jelly bellies
    -lemon drops
    -deviled eggs
    -sliced yellow peppers
    -fruit bowl
    -potato salad
    -lemonade to drink
    I'm not sure if I'm missing anything. There wasn't too much left over either.
    You can borrow the platters anytime.
    Also, I'm sure the gymnastic ribbons would be a hit at my house!