Saturday, 16 July 2011

3 Years in our Home!

Three years ago today, we moved into our home. So much has changed in our little family since then.
Three weeks after we moved in sweet little C was born...

Eighteen months after that, Q joined our family.
Right around the time that C was born, we ripped out some walls and gutted the kitchen. I say 'we' very loosely here. Really, what happened was I took my little girl and sweet new baby and went to stay with my parents while Matt and his friends got the really dirty work finished. I'll always be glad I wasn't here for that. Washing dishes in the tub for 6 weeks was bad enough!
We've had our share of mischief in this home.

A lot of cuddles.
Giggles, squeals and grins.
We've even had a chicken, mermaid, crab, and a cute little giraffe stop by.
Here's how it looked after we had the new cabinets, counters and tile installed. We had yet to put grout in the tile. I just looked through all the albums on the computer and I don't have any photos of our current kitchen, with matching appliances. Another day...
We have some great memories of the last 3 years here. Here's to many more!

Oh yes, I know I've mentioned all the mosquitoes around here lately, but this proves it. Here is a little story from the local news about Edmonton being the mosquito capital of Canada. Of all things to be known for, this has got to be one of the least attractive. I finally ventured out to weed the garden this afternoon and had to come in to wash the blood streaks from off my arms from swatting so many. Lovely.

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  1. Oh, wow!! Three Years!!
    Soooo glad!!