Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sprinkler Fun

A couple of weeks ago I went to Saskatoon for a Zumba instructor class! It was, in one word, AWESOME!! The instructor who taught it was such a ball of energy and a fantastic dancer. The class started off with an hour long non-stop Master class. When that part was finished, I could hardly believe that an hour had passed. Zumba is exercise that doesn't feel like exercise. It's more like an hour long dance party! It really gave me something to aim for - teaching a class just like that!
The rest of the day we went over the moves for the 4 basic Zumba dance styles. So, we pretty much danced all day. I think there is a lot to be said for song selection. As I drove home, I listened to all the CD's we were given and tried to pick out the tunes I liked best. Hopefully my class will like them! I am lucky enough to be teaching a free class at the church, so nobody can complain if I mess up until I get used to the new dances!

Here's me in my new Zumba shirt. My arms weren't long enough to get the whole thing...

I have to give a big thank you to my parents and siblings and everyone who watched over the munchkins while I took off to Saskatoon for the day. They were all enjoying a family reunion together while I did this and Matt was back home working. Thanks again!!

After the class, I met up with the rest of the clan and got to meet a few distant cousins I had never met before. We went on a hayride together to the buffalo jump North of Duck Lake. Definitely not the most flattering photo...

The rest of the week was spent enjoying time with my parents at their home. The kids had a blast in the blow-up pool on the one day it was warm enough.

The kids chased frogs. Only my cute nephew was brave enough to touch one.


They played with the cool tire swing. Most of all the kids had fun playing in grandma's playhouse. I can't believe I don't have a picture of it. I also feel bad that I don't have any pics of the little guy, but the best time for me to take out the camera is when he is asleep. I'll have to work on that.

We stayed there for a week. My brother Matt (yes, my husband and my brother are both Matthew's) graduated from high school, so we stayed to celebrate with him. The kid surprised us all (and himself too, I think) and graduated with honors!! YeeHaw! Great job, Matt!

We had a fantastic week. The kids are already looking forward to seeing Grandma and Papa again.

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  1. So cute!!
    Yippeee for a week with gramma and papa!!