Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Harvest Time

For a Saturday in October, it really was a beautiful day. We went to my sisters home to help with the potato harvest. They have a big garden and always grow enough potatoes to share with us (and many others), so we wanted to help with picking them.
Some of out kiddos really wanted to be playing with their cousins rather than helping out.
 Some were helpful without much prodding. :)
And one little guy was right in there and stuck it out the whole time. I was proud of him.
Here's the haul. It took less than 2 hours from start of picking to having it stored in the root cellar. We were a great team.
Yesterday, Mr Q & I harvested the carrots from our garden. He was a great helper, yet again.
This little guy has a great work ethic... or maybe he likes spending time with mom. Maybe both. :)

He is scared of worms and spiders. He kept running to the sidewalk & saying, "Mom, I saw a worm. Get it."

I love growing our food.