Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween everyone!
Halloween is such a fun holiday. I really like the dressing up and pumpkin part of Halloween, but I'm not nearly as thrilled about the blood, gore and scary violent part. Mr. Q and I delivered a bunch of flyers for a bottle drive we did earlier this month for the food bank, and passed some decorations that were really terrifying for him. There are so many freaky decorations out there. Maybe not freaky for me, but what 2 year old isn't going to be terrified of some scary werewolf creature with bloody fangs and claws reaching out for him. I'm sure people just don't think about little munchkins having bad dreams.
We had a fantastic time getting ready for Halloween this year. The kids always get so excited about carving pumpkins for Family Night, but then they are so chicken to touch the guts.
Fun times.
 Miss A actually touched a couple of seeds, so she is getting braver than in past years.
 Miss C was happy to scoop out the seeds, but she really wasn't interested in grabbing them at all. After her big sister touched a seed, she also tried touching the icky insides.
 The kids wanted out pumpkin to have scary teeth. I'm not sure if we were successful on that one, but we sure had a blast attempting it.
I made this pumpkin & brought it to my Zumba class last night. I think I'll take it again tomorrow to get one extra night out of it. Matt's fancy wood carving tools get pulled out every year at Halloween. So glad they get some use at least once a year.
Miss C dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood this year.
 What a cutie!
 Mr. Q was a beggar/homeless man. I needed a quick and easy costume for a party we went to on Friday at Galaxyland, and that's what we came up with. There is definitely something to be said for costumes that don't require a lot of work.
 Miss A was a ladybug. She kept telling me that she dressed up as a coccinelle. That's French for ladybug. She loved her painted-on eyelashes best.
I'm sure she's going to love playing with real makeup when she's older.
We took the kids trick-or-treating down our block and one small cul-de-sac. We left at 7 and got back at 7:30 or so. We passed 26 houses and of those, only 10 or 11 had their lights on. They got enough candy. I was glad they didn't come home with pillowcases full like my siblings and I used to when we were kids.
They were in their glory. I can remember, as a kid, laying all of my candy out and seeing how much of each type I got. I showed them my methods. I'm such a weird-o.
I love how Mr. Q's beard is being washed away by candy drool here. lol

Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween!


  1. Elaine, I was totally going to make Hudson a hobo with the same sign hahaha. That is the greatest costume! I also love that all of the girls candies were seprated by brand. I totally did the same with Hudson's candy. Either I am like you or your daughters-haha! Love it! Love seeing you and Matt's adorable family!

    1. It's totally me. I used to separate all my candy like that and I taught the girls my crazy ways. haha

  2. super cute and fun! I'm with you.....the nice parts of halloween ;)