Saturday, 6 October 2012

Aaargh Matey! A Pirate Party for Miss A

A few months ago, Miss A requested a princess pirate party for her birthday. I wasn't too sure how to blend princess and pirate, so I just went with the pirate theme and made sure there was a pink sparkly jolly rogers on the invitation. She was happy with that! I was inspired by these invitations I saw on Etsy, and my super talented friend Lori helped me make something similar.  The party was from 3:30-6pm, so I had to have everything ready at home so I could pick up 4 little excited party goers from school. My in-laws came over to watch the younger two children, so I'd have more room in my SUV for extra booster seats. In all, there were 13 kids at the party, which was a fair bit of chaos, but they were kept fairly busy, so it went well and there were no injuries other than Miss A starting off her party by being head-butted and getting a wicked bleeding nose. There were also a few moments (when the kids were all pretending that the girls bunk beds were a pirate ship and almost all the kids were on the top bunk) that I got a little nervous, but all was well. Thank goodness!
The highlight of the party for Miss A was opening her presents (At least she was honest, haha) and then the treasure hunt. I handed the little buckaneers the first clue and let them figure it out from there.

The kids divided up the treasure with some help and got to take home their chocolate gold doubloons and dress up jewels. 
They had pizza & fruit to eat and Pirate Pops instead of cake. We put a candle in the head of Miss A's pirate pop as we sang happy birthday to her, but of course the camera was nowhere to be found at that point.

I love planning fun parties for my kids. I love them all everyday, but it's nice to have a special day just for themselves. If I had to pick one of Miss A's defining traits, it would be her compassion. She has a tender heart & I love her for it. Happy 6th birthday Miss A!