Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My Hottie Husband

We had a swimming birthday party & BBQ for Matt and his brother last night. The weather was beautiful while everyone was in the pool. We brought burgers, hotdogs and birthday cake/cupcakes and everyone else brought salads, drinks, veggies, fruit, chips, bread and dip. It was a great feast!
Clouds, lightening and wind rolled in, as soon as we finished eating. What great timing!
 I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful man for a husband! He holds down the fort twice a week so I can get away to work out for a couple of hours. Maybe that isn't such a big deal to others, but it does mean he has given up doing things he would like to do so that I can have some time to myself on a regular basis, and that means a lot to me. He folds the laundry and cleans up the kitchen after supper. He works hard supporting us, so I can stay home with the kids. He really is a wonderful father. I just asked the girls what they love most about him. Miss A said she loves cuddles, watching shows and when daddy plays music in the living room so she can dance. Miss C said she loves it when he makes her popcorn and when she gets to go swimming with him. He makes time for them, which I especially appreciate right when he gets home from work and I'm trying to make supper and have had a rough day. I love listening to the giggles and happy squeals when they have Wrestle Mania in the living room when he gets home from work. He is always dependable and does what he says he will do and reminds me when I forget something I've said I will do too.  I love it when he kisses me in front of the kids and they (mostly Miss A) say, "Daaadddy! Don't kiss Mommy!!!" and he always does it again. He is affectionate and sweet. I am lucky to have such a handsome and loving husband.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, babe! I love you!

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  1. Awwww!!!
    You two are so cute!
    Happy Birthday to your hottie husband!