Sunday, 21 August 2011

The breast cinnamon bun dough ever!

After church, Miss C had a snooze on daddy. Check out that outfit! That's what happens when a cute little 3 year old pics out her own clothes!!

I felt like baking today. Of course it had to be the hottest day of the summer when I felt the urge to whip out the Bosch. I asked Matt what he felt like and he said cinnamon buns. Miss A and I got to work. We put the wet ingredients into the mixer with the yeast and a couple of cups of flour and let it sit for a few minutes to proof the dough. When we came back, Autumn sat up on the counter and put 2 cups of flour into the mixer and suddenly exclaimed, pointing into the mixer bowl, "Mommy, You have two just like that!!!"
I looked into the mixer to see this:

I couldn't help but laugh. Hope you all had a fabulous Sunday!


  1. That is hilarious!!
    I miss my kids!!

  2. She is pretty funny! Love those kids!