Monday, 16 May 2011

Jump Right In

My name is Elaine. I'm married to a stud muffin named Matt. We have three beautiful kids who I love 100% of the time, and who drive me bonkers about 30% of the time. Just keeping it real here, folks. I'm working on reducing that second percentage.
I like to try new things. Often in the form of food. My kids are the bottomless pits that I try out my crazy ideas on. Hence the title of my blog.
Yesterday, we made some cookies. The girls had fun helping me cut out the sugar cookies and shoving the gummy worms into the holes. I didn't have an apple cutter, so I used a Halloween pumpkin cutter for some and just gave up and used a circle and freehanded the rest. I got the idea from a Pinterest board. Here's a link to it and a few of the other things I've made.
I am a landscape architectural technologist by trade, but haven't been back to the office since my second daughter was born. I still do the odd residential design from home, but for the most part, I am kept pretty busy here at home by our little family. I love my garden and it keeps me busy in the summer. I'm hoping to get it rototilled and planted this week. There is something so wonderfully rewarding about being able to walk outside and pick some produce for supper, without having to buy anything at the store. Maybe one day we'll have an acreage with tons of space for me to fill. Tomatoes. Potatoes. Peas. Carrots. Lettuce. Squash. Kohlrabi. Yum!
When I sit down to write something, I use the backspace key on my keyboard a lot. Not usually for spelling errors, but because it takes me a while to express my self in a way that I am happy with. I'd like to overcome that with this blog. Maybe one day I'll be able to just sit and write.
Until next time, I'd love to hear from you. Comments are appreciated!


  1. How very lovely and a wonderful way to get to know you even better. The pictures are vibrantly beautiful - just like you.

  2. Love your little family! so nice to see you on here!
    Your old roomie, Painted Lips
    P.S my bolg is