Thursday, 19 May 2011

It's FINALLY spring!!

When Matt and I were married, I had the prettiest tulip bouquet. It was yellow and red combo tulips. We moved into this home in the middle of the summer, so I had no idea which spring flowers the flower beds held. It was so exciting to me when the tulips popped up the next spring and they were these stunning yellow and red tulips, just like my wedding bouquet.

Aren't they stunning!
I love the flower shape of the black centers.
The girls & I had a fun morning watering the flower beds. The little guy was having a nap, so we headed out into the front yard to give the flowers a drink. They took turns watering the flowers while the other girl climbed the Mountain Ash tree out front. I hope they will gain a love for growing things.
Spring comes late in this area, so all my perennials are just starting to pop up. These are how they look as of yesterday, May 18, 2011. Notice I have a tiny little strawberry!!

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