Friday, 20 May 2011

The Castle

Time to clean out the garage. We had 7 big recycle bags full of empty milk jugs and pop cans filling up the front of the garage, so I decided that it was time to take them in to the bottle depot. I loaded up the kids and loaded up the bags and headed off. We were almost there when A yells, "Stop, Mom!!"  She's pointing out the window at the weirdest thing ever.
It's a big steel castle down the street from the bottle depot. Is it possible that it's been there all along and I've never noticed it before? Of course, the kids all wanted to go into Cinderella's castle. I told them we couldn't because the dragons might get us and it was too dangerous. They seemed ok with that.
Oh, I almost forgot. On the same trip A asked me how a baby gets out of its mommy's tummy. I gave her a pretty brief explanation, but she seemed to understand. She wondered where all the blood comes from. Did somebody show my daughter a birthing video or something without my knowledge? Four years old and already asking the big questions.

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