Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Cowgirl Shindig

 Miss A loves horses. Since it was her 7th birthday this past week, I thought I'd try to have a Cowgirl party for her. I called a couple of stables, but none were willing to accommodate pony rides for 7 year old kids, so I put it out there to my friends on Facebook. Sure enough, a friend of mine asked her parents if they would let us come out to their home for pony rides and they were willing. These wonderful people, who hardly know us, made my little girls day extra special. Thank you, thank you!
 This was her invitation.
YeeHaw! After school, we went to their acreage and the girls each got a little pony ride through the yard.

Miss A wore the vest and chaps her daddy wore as a kid, and the hat she got at the Canada Day celebration this year. What an adorable cowgirl.
Her cake was a ruffle cake with a dollar store plastic horse perched on top. It was yum. The cake, not the horse.
 Love her toothless grin.
Singing to the birthday girl.
We are so lucky to have this little sweetheart in our family. She is a joy to me and I love her. Happy Birthday Miss A.

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