Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Little Miss Speedy

My littlest princess turned 5 last week while we were on vacation in Utah. We spent her birthday at This is the Place Heritage Park with some friends and cousins.
She had fun on pony rides.
She milked a plastic cow. lol
She pet a goat. 
She watched her sister get an old fashioned 'shave'. She also panned for gold & went on train rides. It wasn't too hot, thankfully. It was the perfect way to spend her first day being 5. 

This afternoon, I took the training wheels off her bike. For 2 minutes, I ran behind with 1 hand on the back of her seat, pulling my hands away & showing her she was doing it on her own. Within five minutes of the wheels coming off, she was cruising on her own, showing me how fast she could go. She was so excited to show daddy her new skills when he got home from work.
I am so happy to have this spunky sweet girl in our family. She makes me laugh when I'm not in a laughing mood. She has the cutest little voice. She gives the biggest hugs ever and has been known to knock people over from time to time. She loves watering the plants and helping me in the kitchen, especially with chocolate chip cookies. She is so excited to start kindergarten in a few weeks and especially to ride the bus with her big sister. She notices the good things in her life and has a natural gift of gratitude. We love you, Miss C. Happy Birthday!

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