Friday, 19 July 2013

Mother of Invention

We love to camp. Not the 'roughing it, sleep in a tent with rocks & tree roots digging into our backs' type of camping, but the 'sit around a campfire, enjoy nature & the lake being together as a family' kind of camping. 
This is the cabin Grandma & Papa just built for us on their lot at the lake. They put some Murphy beds inside so we can have a spot to sleep when we come camping & they can keep their outdoor stuff inside when we aren't here. 
There is a double & 3 single beds inside. It might be a bit hillbilly, but I'd take it over a tent ANY day. My parents are awesome. 
The kids and I spent the last week camping with Grandma at Meeting Lake while Matt has been working so hard at home & Papa is making hay back at the farm.
 We love spending time with Grandma. She always makes us feel special and loved. 
The kids have been looking forward to this camping trip for a while. The park offers swimming lessons in the lake, so we signed the girls up. The lake has been pretty cold, so they have both been really excited for lessons & dreading them. Monday it was only 15*C & they had 2 hours of lessons between them. Brrr. It was cold & windy for me waiting on the beach, so you can imagine the little Popsicle girls who emerged from the lake when they were done.  Today is the last day of lessons. I'm so proud of my little swimmers. Good job girls!
There is a little mini golf course at this campground. Grandma took us for a round yesterday. I'm glad there wasn't any other players because the kids were all over the place. No injuries with the putters this time, thank goodness. 
Our favorite camping treat is s'mores. The messiest treat is often the best one. Yum.
Have fun camping everyone!

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