Saturday, 18 August 2012

Campers: Natures way of feeding mosquitos

I am way behind, and hoping to catch up, so I thought I'd post about Miss C's 4th birthday party. She wanted to have a camping party, but since I was unwilling to take a crew of 2-5 year olds camping, we chose a camping theme & held it at a park instead.

I found these super cute invitations on Etsy, that I had every intention of ordering and handing out, but I had a hard time nailing down a day & it was too late for invitations by the time I finally did. Grandma & Papa were also able to be there, along with 2 friends, Auntie Shelly & 3 cousins. We were sad that Nana & Bampa weren't able to be there, but we celebrated with them a few days before. The party was on a long weekend & the park wasn't nearly as busy as I thought it might be. Thank goodness!
It was a beautiful hot day. The party was held in a spray park downtown. The kids had fun with the water, but I didn't get too close with my camera.
Miss C & daddy have birthdays a day apart. Love you both!

Matt built a fire. How is it that one match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box of matches to start a campfire? It rained the night before & everything was pretty soggy & smokey, but he got it going anyway! Lunch was hotdogs, chips, watermelon & veggies. I brought stuff to make S'mores, but I think the kids were just having too much fun playing to eat.
We set up a tent together. Three and four year olds waving tent poles around probably wasn't the best idea! The kids had fun crawling in and out of the tent in their soggy swimsuits.

Miss C had a campfire birthday cake. The flames were made by crushing hard candies and melting them on a baking sheet lined in tin foil in the oven. The logs were those long round wafer candies with chocolate on the inside.
 The gifts.

I sure love this sweet little girl. She is so full of laughs and giggles. She has the sweetest tiny voice that gets her out of trouble all the time. On Miss C's actual birthday we went around the table at lunch and everyone said something they love about Miss C. There were a few mentions of her sweet little voice and also her hugs and cuddles. She likes to play make believe games and she is really good at puzzles. Her favorite game to play is Mommy & Sweetie. The girls think little girls are called sweeties because I often say, "Come here sweetie..." It makes me smile to hear the girls deciding who gets to be mommy & who gets to be the sweetie.  I love that the girls are such good friends, most of the time. They have the occasional spat, but for the most part, these sweet girls are good little amigas. I'm so grateful to have Miss C in our family. She is such a joy! Happy Birthday, munchkin!

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  1. I would certainly add a ditto to all those things you all love about Miss C!! I love playing mommy and sweetie with her, and princesses with the girls, and how free she is with her hugs and cuddles and 'I love you's melt this honorary aunties heart! Happy Birthday my sweetheart! XO