Sunday, 4 March 2012

Shake your bon bon

We had a fabulous day yesterday. The kids got along all day with only a handful of screaming/whining/hitting events. All three kiddos piled in the tub for about 45 minutes of splashing/giggling fun in the morning while I cleaned up after breakfast. I love listening to happy play sounds. I fully expected to be mopping up buckets full of water from the floor when I went in to get them, but surprisingly they kept the water contained to the tub!! Can you hear the angels singing??

Little Mr. Q and I took a drive to Wal-Mart after supper to pick him out some big boy underwear. He just turned two a few weeks ago, but he is doing great with telling me he needs to go. He chose some Lightening McQueen and cars ones. We're going to try them out tomorrow. Wish us luck!! He has yet to tell me when it's time for #2. I'm praying he gets the hang of that real quick!
When we got back, the girls were having a dance party in the living room. I pulled out my iPhone just in time to catch this gem. Make sure you watch to the end.
I still giggle when I watch it now. Her little tooshie. so. cute. Teeheehee

On another topic, about a year ago (I think anyway, I'm awful at remembering when I did things) a few friends and I got together & made menu planning boards. They have sheet metal as the backing and the menu items all have magnets taped on the back, so I store all my extra items on the back. I used it consistently for 8 or 9 months but for some reason, I slowly stopped using it. Lately, cooking has seemed much more like a chore, so I decided to give it a whirl again. It makes such a difference to my evenings when I don't have to think about what to make for supper. I try to buy all our groceries for 2 weeks at a time which is easy enough when I have a plan. If I don't make a menu, I end up in the grocery store a lot more often picking up an item here and there and it always ends up costing a lot more.
Here's the menu for March. On the menu tonight was Mulligatawny soup and Naan bread. It is SOOoooooo good. They are both favorites in our home.
Tonight was the first time Matt made Naan bread. It tasted fantastic! He was such a trooper, grilling away while the snow came down. I grilled some pork chops earlier this week, and had to chisel ice from behind the gas knobs before I could turn the BBQ on. We are year round grillers. Such is life on Canada.
Here's hoping the snow stops soon. I am really looking forward to spring. I was thinking about starting some tomatoes from seed. It's about the right time for that...

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  1. Shake your bon bon is right!!! Way to go!!
    Laughed my head off!!