Thursday, 19 January 2012

Enter the Tooth Fairy

Miss A has had a loose tooth for about a week now. Last night she said the blessing on the food at supper. She prayed that her tooth would fall out. Sure enough, when I picked her up at the bus stop today she came running to me and pulled down her neck warmer to reveal her missing tooth. She was so excited and just beaming.
Her tooth fell out when she bit into an apple slice at lunchtime. The lunch supervisor sent her to the office where they gave her this little toothy envelope to put her tooth in.
She was so excited to show us her tooth.
We're all looking forward to the first tooth fairy visit tonight. Hopefully, she will be able to sleep!
If I didn't have to teach my Zumba class in 2 hours, I might have made her these tooth cupcakes to celebrate. What an exciting day!

EDIT: I forgot to mention the cutest part. After I reminded her about her prayer at supper last night, she was so excited that her prayer was answered. A few minutes later, I saw her in the corner kneeling down. She told me she wanted to say thank you to Him for answering her prayer!! I love my sweet girl!


  1. SO Precious!!
    I love Miss A and her prayers!!
    XO Leah

  2. What an awsome little girl i miss you guys!