Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Spice of Life

I came up from the basement after doing some laundry yesterday to find that Miss C and Mr. Q had made a mess. They got into my spice drawer and dumped 7 or 8 bottles on the floor. They were having a grand time mixing them all together.
They did this once before, several months ago. I remember this event so well because I had just put a new bag into the vacuum before the wreck of the spice express, so every time I would vacuum, this faint smell of a weird spice blend would escape from the vacuum. Just last week, of course, I replaced the spice filled vacuum bag and I was looking forward to not having a spicy smell whenever I vacuumed. Sigh. So much for that.


  1. Oh Elaine!
    I am laughing and laughing and laughing at that!!
    Such a pretty mess or your floor! I think you should make them do some 'tasting' so they remember not to do that again!
    XO to all my Stones!

  2. I guess they didn't learn the first time it happened. I'd totally get them to taste it, but there is at least a half a bottle of Cayenne Pepper mixed in and I'm just not that mean. I'm sure that tasting it would do the trick though. lol

  3. But they look so cute and innocent! Very cute story. Something that will be talked about in the Stone family forever I'm sure.