Tuesday, 8 December 2015

100 Things I Like

Over a year ago, I started a list on my phone of random things I like. From time to time, I'd add one or two. This morning, I hit 100, so I thought I'd share.

1. Matt
2. My family
3. Faith in Christ
4. Family dinners
5. Stepping on ice crusts in the gutter
6. Campfires
7. Fresh cut grass smell
8. When my kids giggle
9. Books that make me happy/think/laugh/cry/smarter. Okay, books in general!
10. Bubble wrap
11. Northern Lights
12. Meaningful conversations
13. Orange juice
14. Kissing
15. Music you can feel
16. Picking berries with my mom & sister
17. Grandma Neta’s Crazy Chocolate Cake
18. Sunsets
19. Peppermint
20. The peace I feel at the temple
21. Last day of school excitement
22. First day of school excitement
23. My garden
24. Soup on a cold day
25. Bouquets
26. Planning theme birthday parties
27. Family vacations
28. Rainbows
29. Voting
30. Homemade Halloween costumes
31. Massages
32. Thunderstorms
33. Sound of rain on a tin roof
34. Waking up feeling well rested
35. Online Christmas shopping/packages in the mail
36. Peeling hard boiled eggs perfectly
37. Etsy
38. Crunchy leaves
39. Acts of kindness
40. Long weekends
41. Another perspective
42. Sunday afternoon naps
43. BBQ’s with friends
44. Zumba
45. Trying new recipes
46. Meeting interesting people
47. Clean house when I wake up
48. The smell & feel of fluffy towels fresh from the laundry
49. Puget Sound
50. Christmas lights
51. Words written in sand
52. Making up silly poems for my kids before bed
53. Flossing
54. Christmas morning
55. Spontaneity
56. Painted toenails
57. Eating bottled peaches on a cold winter day
58. Fishing
59. 10pm sunsets
60. Fireworks
61. Living room picnics
62. Songs that tell stories
63. Tulips
64. Roads through tree canopy tunnels
65. Rider pride
66. Beachcombing
67. Watching videos of practical jokes on YouTube
68. Handwritten notes/letters
69. Mocassins
70. Hummingbirds
71. Musicals
72. Recognizing answers to prayers
73. The smell of Balsam Poplar, especially near bodies of water
74. Lemonade stands
75. Cushion forts
76. Carving pumpkins
77. Accelerating right before lift off
78. Electricity in the air
79. Peeling off labels perfectly
80. Cinnamon roll core
81. Farmers markets
82. Winks
83. Maps
84. Routines
85. Spruce trees heavy with snow
86. My ‘S’ collection
87. Sand dollars
88. Tortoiseshell
89. Winding roads
90. Hammocks
91. Braids
92. Hide & Seek with my kids
93. Murmurations
94. Fresh homemade bread
95. Logs crackling in the fireplace
96. Being creative
97. Mid century modern furniture
98. Recycling
99. Déjà vu
100. Stargazing

Monday, 11 August 2014

Tea Time

Miss C's 6th birthday was this past week & on Saturday, we had the cutest tea party to celebrate. Months ago, she started asking about her birthday. She was waffling between wanting a Frozen birthday theme and a tea party, so I steered her towards the tea party and it was so sweet. I started collecting old cups and saucers at garage sales & Kijiji. Garage sales had much better prices than the thrift stores. My wonderful sister-in-law helped me by scouring Value Village for tea pots. We found some old lacy curtains at the thrift store for $2/panel. Collecting everything was so fun. The kids were all pretty helpful at the garage sales, searching the tables for gold rimmed cups & saucers.

I finally tried out my Silhouette on the invitations.

 We made a bunch of cute treats. Those marshmallows are so super easy.

The sugar cookies were fun (and kept me up 'till 2am...) !

The girls all looked adorable in gloves, hats & pearls.
Awe, so sweet!

Miss C was excited about her sparkler.

I'll huff and I'll puff! She's so pretty.

Time to open gifts!
Our sweet Miss C is such a joy. She still has the sweetest little voice and such a charming personality. She has a tender heart, and is always looking out for others. She is so bubbly and peppy, always has a half smile on her face. We are so happy to have this cutie in our home. She brings a fun and playfulness to everything she does. We love you, Miss Muffin!